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Basic Pistol Class - September 28, 2013

Today’s Basic Pistol class was a success. It was completely sold out! The attendees learned the structure of the weapon, safe use, cleaning and storage, but the best part was the range time.  Some of the attendees, mostly women and even a teenager, never shot a weapon before and some were even afraid of the gun. When they left, not only could they shoot their own weapons, but they asked to play with the big toys. Some started with a tiny .32ACP and .22LR and ended with shooting Glock, Sig, and even the Taurus Judge.

Alex Platz, instructor and owner of Razorback Tactical Solutions, made the class fun. He patiently and thoroughly went over the instructional material without losing the attention of the students by interjecting humor and encouraging participation. The class was laughing and learning. Thanks to the help from Angelo, Igor, and Kevin, all attendees got personal instruction and guidance at the range. They were shown a proper way to handle a weapon and different shooting stances and were given an opportunity to decide which position worked best for them. Some even got to try couple of different models to see what felt more comfortable to them. By the end of the day, not only could everyone properly and safely handle a weapon, but many went from shooting erratically to shooting up a perfect grouping.

New friendships were formed today and we are looking forward to providing our club members and members of our community with more classes. Because no one should ever be a victim!

Here is a Times News article about our class

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Students are listening with great attention

As the instructor explains the material in detail to the new shooters

Instructor Alex Platz explains the material in detail

More classroom material.
It's important for new shooters to understand some basic terms and safety rules
before heading out to the range

Finally some range time - the fun part of the class

Final equipment check before the range goes hot
Alex demonstrates proper form as he explains the excercise
As students practice, the instructors are making some suggestions while making sure everyone is safe
Some students are getting it right away, while others needed a little more attention

Today is :