P.O. Box 11, PALMERTON, PA  18071

Documents and Paperwork

New By-Laws & Policies

New Members Info
Yes! We love New Members. However, we will not be accepting new Members for November or December 2022.
Please fill out the New Member and Waiver of Liability Form found in the Documents Section and bring with you to the Januray 2024 Membership meeting.

Membership Renewal Form
Please note that when you are writing a check for your renewal, only 1 check is needed for multiple memberships.
A seperate check is not needed for each individual(s) membership renewal.

2022 Year End Membership Letter

Waiver of Liability form (this form has to be submitted with new membership applications only)

Change of address/phone/email form

Palmerton Rod & Gun Club property limits map

A letter regarding a lawsuit against Lewistown Pistol Club

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